Wednesday, 18 July 2012

how to insert animated gifs and emoticons on facebook

Want to publish cartoons and emoticons in your status updates of your friends or on message boards? Follow us and we will explain how.
Just use the application Animated Pictures , which offers hundreds of animated GIFs, animated smileys and emoticons, the ability to incorporate music and much more!
After approving the application here: you will see the tab with the animated gifs you can put on your wall, on your friends wall, fan pages, groups and events (select from the drop-down menu “Friend’s wall” to friends, or “Groups / Fan Pages / Events” to publish to groups, fan pages or bulletin board of events)

To insert animated emoticons instead click on the tab at the top “Emoji Emotions”, where you can also choose from the drop down menu to publish the message, but, as specified in the note in red, you should not click “Send” directly after you compose the message with the smiley. Ccopy it (CTRL + C), click Send and paste it (Ctrl + V) in the dialog box that opens. Do not worry if you see small white squares, once published the message will appear magically on Facebook animated emoticons!

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