Friday, 22 June 2012

How To Install Paid Applications For Free In Android

As we all know that Android is themost wanted operating system in the market right now. Many of us are using Android operating system. So we all know that majorapplications in Android market are paid not free. So I have a way to download these paid applications for free. If you also want to use these applications forfree then you have to do the following setting in your Android mobile. First you have to Go To>>>”
Step1: MENU>>Setting>>Application Setting>>Enable The “Unknown Source”
These setting makes your mobile able to download application from outsource.
Now in this mobile tricks I am going to give you some importantwebsites those provides paid application for free.
Step2: Now you have to open the Android Browser in your mobile .
Visit one of the following site because they provides you these applications for free. or
You will get thousand of application from here for free . If you try to download these applications from Android Market you have to pay for them.
As given below :
*. Need for Speed Shift
*. Asphalt HD
*. TouchMix
*. Fruit Ninja
*. Samurai II: Vengeance
*. Guitar Hero 6
*. PES 2011 Pro Evolution
*. Robo Defense
*. Baseball Superstars
*. Nipple
*. AirAttack HD
*. Hungry Shark – Part 2
*. Battle Bears: Zombie
*. Homerun battle 3D
*. Moto X Mayhem
*. Dungeon Defenders
*. X Construction
*. Guerrilla Bob
*. TurboFly 3D
*. Illusia
*. Unlock Angry Birds
*. Tetris
*. Virtual Table Tennis 3D
*. Assasin’s Creed
And many more other applications.
All these applications are running very smoothly in my Samsung S2 as well as in Dell XCD35. All these application are compatible with only Android operating system.

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